Lab 9: Protocol Programming With Python

by:  James Moore, Partners:  Matt Balderree

Objectives:  Download a program called Python and use it to setup and use a simple client/server system.

Equipment List:    Mac Laptop.  (USED THROUGHOUT LAB)

Notes and Observations:  After downloading Python we edited the and files  so that we could test messages between the client and server.  The connections worked and we were able to send through client and see in server in Python.  Initially in the beginning we had trouble getting it to work on Matt’s Mac, but came to the conclusion that Python doesn’t work well when using Mac OSX Lion.  I was using older version of OSX Snow Leopard, and everything worked out fine and was able to communicate.

Questions:  What is a networking socket?  A socket is one endpoint of a two-way communication link between two programs running on the network. A socket is bound to a port number so that the TCP layer can identify the application that data is destined to be sent.

Which program should be started first?  Why?  The server should be started first in order for it to be listening to what port incoming messages are coming from.

What is a localhost?  It is the local computer address or loopback address.

On which layer of the OSI model are TCP connections made?  Layer 4:  Transport Layer.

What protocol is expected on port 80?  HTTP

Diagrams, Flowcharts, and Figures: 

References:  Lab handout

Conclusion:  This lab allowed us to learn how client/servers communicate and how to setup a simple client server.  The lab went fairly quick with most of our time trying to download the software and getting it to work on our computers.  I’ve used a robust system called mIRC when I was in the military and this lab allowed me to understand how it works better.


About jmm0592

I am from Lakeland, FL. I am married with two kids. I've been in the military since 2002, which led me to Kansas. I worked on Signal Communications for 5 years in the Army on older Vietnam era Small Extension Nodes, Line of site Antennae, Radios, and fiber optics and cable installing. I switched career fields to Unmanned Aircraft back in 2007 in the Army. I separated from Active Duty and have been a student at Kstate since Spring 2011. I am a UAS major.
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