Lab 7: Subnetting

by:  James Moore, Partners:  Matt Balderree, and class.

Objectives:  Build a working network implementing subnetting.  Create a network and assign IP addresses, Mask, and Gateways to computers.  Use two routers interconnected together with at least three subnets.

Equipment List:    Two Macbooks, Four PCs, Three Switches, Three Routers.  (USED THROUGHOUT LAB)

Notes and Observations:  We first started this lab by drawing out a topology planned diagram of all the Equipment and where each computer would connect to a switch and then into the router.  This gave a good visualization of how everything would come together.  On this diagram we assigned IP addresses, Mask, Gateway to the Computers, and created Subnet addresses for our subnetworks of two computer per switch.  We showed where each switch would connect into the router via either:  f0, e0, t0, f1.  Then the two routers were interconnected so that both subnetworks were networked.  The routers were manually configured.

Diagrams, Flowcharts, and Figures:  Our network looked similar to the one below:

References:  Lab handout

Conclusion:  We were able as a class complete the lab fairly quickly.  Once the topology diagram was complete running the cables and connecting everything went smoothly.  Most of time was spent configuring the routers.  We tested the network by pinging both the PCs on the far side subnetwork, and they were able to Ping our Macbooks on our subnetwork.


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I am from Lakeland, FL. I am married with two kids. I've been in the military since 2002, which led me to Kansas. I worked on Signal Communications for 5 years in the Army on older Vietnam era Small Extension Nodes, Line of site Antennae, Radios, and fiber optics and cable installing. I switched career fields to Unmanned Aircraft back in 2007 in the Army. I separated from Active Duty and have been a student at Kstate since Spring 2011. I am a UAS major.
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