Blog 4

This week we dove deeper into the OSI model into layer 2 and layer 3.  In layer 2 we discussed how switches work and they handle traffic on their network.  We used a whiteboard and drew different computers hooked into a switch, and then showed how these different computers data is handled when data is sent from one computer to another.  What was interesting about this is how I found it interesting how the switch initially just “shotgun blast” out the data to all users until it learns which computer MAC address is located on which port.  In layer 3 we built more on this idea of how switches work, but introduced layer 3 routers.  What does a router do?  Well from the name “router” pretty much routes data beyond what a switch can do from one network to another network.

This week I contributed a diigo link called, “5 basic switch setting you must know.”


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I am from Lakeland, FL. I am married with two kids. I've been in the military since 2002, which led me to Kansas. I worked on Signal Communications for 5 years in the Army on older Vietnam era Small Extension Nodes, Line of site Antennae, Radios, and fiber optics and cable installing. I switched career fields to Unmanned Aircraft back in 2007 in the Army. I separated from Active Duty and have been a student at Kstate since Spring 2011. I am a UAS major.
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  1. billgx says:


    Did you diigo share these videos too? They seem like they could be useful.

    Sounds like things are making sense to you. Am I right?

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