Blog 2: Week 2

For week 2 we covered wiring, electricity, and what networking is.  The lab was wiring something I had some experience with.  We used twisted pair cat5 cable and learned how to put RJ45 connectors on the ends and how to connect the cables to patch panels.  All of which I had done years ago, but was a good refresher and I was able to help the people in my group.  Our lab went smoothly and we finished fast without any problems.  We were also able to test out our crossover cable using two Macbooks and learn something new, how to create shared networked folders and share between each other.  We also learned about Coaxial and Fiber cables and their benefits and how they are used in connecting networks.  I found interesting about the clamps used on the coaxial seemed a bit outdated and how much things have improved since that technology.  The electricity portion covered the basics of electricity and the different terms.  From that portion of the class, I learned how to make a small motor through a video, which was cool.  The concept of how a light switch works even made more sense once we talked about circuits.  The networking was a powerpoint that went over the different types of networks and the terminology.  There were a lot of good examples of the different types of networks and the video showing a BUS network was funny and cool referencing the fight for bandwidth within a network.

This week I contributed to Diigo on an article  called, “Are you at risk?  What cybercriminals do with your personal data.”   It went into detail based on the current Zappos stolen data, and the benefits cybercriminals get from this.


About jmm0592

I am from Lakeland, FL. I am married with two kids. I've been in the military since 2002, which led me to Kansas. I worked on Signal Communications for 5 years in the Army on older Vietnam era Small Extension Nodes, Line of site Antennae, Radios, and fiber optics and cable installing. I switched career fields to Unmanned Aircraft back in 2007 in the Army. I separated from Active Duty and have been a student at Kstate since Spring 2011. I am a UAS major.
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One Response to Blog 2: Week 2

  1. billgx says:

    “The concept of how a light switch works even made more sense once we talked about circuits. ”

    This statement alone tells me the topic is worth doing. Keep writing these reflective pieces, James. You’re doing a nice job.

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